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About Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson acoustic guitars are a massive part of the Gibson stable of instruments. Makers of not one but several of the all time greatest acoustic guitar designs, Gibson have a proud heritage that stretches back over a century.

Gibson acoustic guitars blend resonant solid tonewoods with traditional, beautiful designs. The result? Musical masterpieces including the SJ200, the J-45 and the Hummingbird. These classic instruments are all made in the USA by skillful artisans. They have been expanded upon over the years to include a comprehensive catalogue of acoustic guitar models ready for the studio and stage. Many Gibson acoustics are in fact electro-acoustic models with pickups systems discreetly installed to make them an instantly gig-worthy proposition.

At guitarguitar, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of Gibson acoustic guitars. Every one of our stores has a superb selection available to try out. Our Birmingham and Glasgow stores have dedicated acoustic showrooms. In fact, our Birmingham showroom is actually the largest acoustic store in the UK! For Gibson acoustic guitars, it has to be guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson acoustic guitars are all made in Montana in the United States.
All Gibson guitars, without question, are made with fully solid pieces of timber. This means the top, the sides and the back are all solid wood, making each Gibson acoustic guitar sound fantastic.
It sounds like you want to check out the Gibson J-45 since it ticks every box perfectly! It is a round shouldered dreadnought with understated looks (though still beautifully Gibson in style if you go for the Vintage Sunburst model). It boasts a wonderful, balanced sound that will suit strumming, fingerpicking and songwriting. It also has a fantastic LR Baggs pickup system installed for exemplary plugged-in sounds. This is a perfect 'do everything' guitar. If you want a little more in the way of visual flash, a close contender is the Gibson Hummingbird.