Gibson L-00

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About Gibson L-00

The Gibson L-00 is a small body orchestral style guitar that was introduced way back in 1932. To this day the L-00 still represents the heritage, and sound of vintage acoustics.

With traditional hand-scalloped x-bracing, classic tone woods, and nitrocellulose finishes, the L-00 is a real modern vintage instrument. With the nitrocellulose finish these guitars will age just like a vintage guitar, but are built with the best modern techniques to ensure a consistent quality that lasts.

Our Gibson L-00 guitars come included with a hard case.


Why Should I Choose Gibson L-00?

  • Smaller, more compact and comfortable body
  • Renowned Gibson USA quality
  • Good for intricate playing styles

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson L-00

Question: Which artists play the Gibson L-00?
The L-00 is used by a wide variety of artists for different styles, artists include Derek Trucks, Elvis Costello, and Sheryl Crow.
Question: What does the L stand for in Gibson guitars?
There is some debate on what the L stands for with many believing it designates the shape of the sound hole, with the L referring to round hole guitars.
Question: What sound is Gibson L-00 good for?
The sound of the Gibson L-00 is great for intricate styles. With no overwhelming low end, the L-00 provides a punchy woody tone for strumming, and provides great volume for fingerpicking, flatpicking, and intricate playing. This makes it great for styles such as blues, folk, country, and jazz.