Fretless Bass Guitars

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About Fretless Bass Guitars

Fretless bass guitars are a unique and specific sound. No other sound is like it. In the past, pioneering bassists like Jaco Pastorius had to remove the frets from one of his basses and seal up the gaps to get a functioning fretless bass. These days, things are much easier!

Here at guitarguitar we offer a very large choice of fretless basses. From excellently priced Squier Vintage Modified models through to Fender, Ibanez, Sandberg and Schecter basses, we have a selection that encompasses traditional and contemporary tastes. We even have some truly unusual models like the Schecter Stilleto Session basses. These basses' necks are fretted for the lower strings and fretless for the higher strings! For a bass guitar with no frets, guitarguitar is the place to be.

What Makes a Fretless Bass Guitar Different?

  • Unique tone
  • Smooth sound
  • Range of sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Fretless Bass Guitars

Question: Are fretless guitars difficult to play?
Playing a fretless guitar involves learning exactly where notes lie on a fretboard. This means taking into account all of the natural microtones that get cut out of the picture when frets are added to a neck. It is difficult to be precise with intonation and so yes, we think fretless guitars are for advanced players.
Question: Who uses fretless guitars?
It would be fair to say that fretless guitars are fairly niche but one big name player who regularly uses one is ex-Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, who is known as being something of a master at fretless guitar.
Question: What is a fretless guitar?
A fretless guitar is a guitar which has been specially made to have no frets on the fingerboard. This makes the fingerboard similar to what you would see on a classical stringed instrument like a viola or a cello. This completely changes the techniques required for playing it and results in a distinctive sound.