Squier Fretless Bass

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About Squier Fretless Bass

Squier Fretless Bass models allow you to affordably dabble in this challenging yet rewarding style of playing. Everyone can experience the uniquely beautiful sound that is the fretless bass when these excellent value Squier basses are such high quality! They are also so much fun to play, you may find yourself converted!

Squier make two fretless bass models, both under the flag of the Vintage Modified series. These great basses provide a comfortable and pleasurable playing experience along with a robust construction and great sound quality. Try one today at your local guitarguitar UK store or browse the collection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Fretless Bass

Question: Which fretless basses are available from Squier?
Squier make two and they are both from the Vintage Modified series. One is a pickguard-less Jazz Bass model with a distinct nod to the famous Jaco Pastorius bass and the other is a Precision bass with a lovely Sunburst finish and a tortoiseshell pickguard.
Question: What types of music uses fretless bass?
Lots of jazz & fusion from the 70s and pop music from the 80s used fretless bass. Big artists such as Gary Numan, Tears for Fears, Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel are fans.
Question: How difficult is it to play fretless bass?
Like anything else, it gets easier the more you practice. It demands a level of precision that you don't necessarily require when you have frets in place, so sounding out of tune for a while is to be expected. Persist and you will break through the barriers of learning and conquer the whole fretless technique!