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About Gibson SG

The Gibson SG is the pre-eminent choice for guitarists looking to play music of a heavier fashion. Whether your SG inspiration is Angus Young or Tony Iommi, these guitars are built for riffs! The SG is very distinctive with its slim 'devil-horned' Mahogany body. This double cutaway shape has remained unchanged since the guitar's introduction in 1961. It allows players much easier access to the very highest frets, making the instrument a hit with lead guitarists.

SG's are relatively similar to Les Paul guitars. Both typically have a pair of humbucker pickups, a tune-o-matic bridge and a 24.75" scale length. However they do have slightly different sounds. SG's tend to have a slightly sharper attack. They also have a slightly less dense sound, no doubt due to the thinner Mahogany body.

The Gibson SG is an iconic Rock guitar like no other. As one of only a handful of authorised Gibson dealers in the UK, we keep an excellent selection of Gibson SGs in every guitarguitar store. Visit your nearest store to try one out.

What Makes the Gibson SG Different?

  • Leading choice for rock and metal styles
  • Slimmed down body makes it light in weight
  • Set-neck construction provides lots of sustain
  • Great for rock rhythm and lead playing
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson SG

    Not at all! Gibson SGs are actually very versatile, partly due to their full yet snappy sound. Plenty of Blues, Jazz, Pop and Fusion players use the SG as their primary means of expression.
    There is now a wide collection of SG models available from Gibson, both from their Gibson USA umbrella and Gibson's Custom Shop. The availability of particular models does change from time to time. Popular models include: Standard, Standard HP w/Flame, TopStandard w/P90 pickups, Junior, Faded, Gary Clark Jr Signature model, Derek Trucks Signature mode, SG Custom, 1962 reissue and SG Bohemian.
    At guitarguitar, the bestselling is the SG Standard in Autumn Shade. Heritage Cherry, Vintage Cherry and Ebony and other very popular colours.
    Yes! There is a lot of choice for lefties within the SG range.
    Depending on who you ask, you may get a variety of replies on this one. Since you've asked us, we'd go with the most popular opinion that it stands for 'Solid Guitar'. This is to differentiate it from the large number of hollow and semi-hollow guitars produced by Gibson.
    Some Gibson SG's of a certain period (and reissues thereof) have "Les Paul Custom" written on the pickguard between the fingerboard and the neck pickup. This is because the SG was originally intended to replace the Les Paul as the new signature model of Jazz guitarist Les Paul. Les didn't take to the new design, preferring the single cutaway archtop guitar we all know and love. Gibson therefore removed his name from the guitar altogether. When the Les Paul was re-released in 1968, it had Les' name on the headstock.