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Gibson Custom Shop SG

The Gibson Custom Shop make a beautiful selection of SG models from various different points in this iconic guitar's glittering history. From the well known 1961 reissue to Historic Standards and SG Customs that bear the same 'tuxedo' features as the Les Paul Custom, Gibson Custom Shop have a great range of interesting, unique and superbly made SG models to choose from.

Every guitarguitar store in the UK carries a selection of Gibson Custom Shop guitars to view and try out. We are authorised Gibson Custom Shop dealers and therefore our selection is one of the best around. We love SGs and keep as many models in stock as is possible at any given time. If you have a Custom Shop Gibson SG in your sights, there is only one place for you to go: guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Custom Shop SG

Question: Do the Gibson Custom Shop make lots of Limited Run SG guitars?
Yes they do! In addition to their Historic '61 reissues, you will often find SG Customs, signature models, 'Bohemian' models and many more.