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About J. Rockett Pedals

J. Rockett Pedals, founded by Jay Rockett and Chris Tassel, with the simple aim to create the best effects pedals possible for guitarists around the globe under the banner J. Rockett Audio Designs. Consulting with many top session players Chris and Jay have since developed quite the following for their subsequent pedals which have become a mainstay on many world touring players' pedalboards. Over the years Tassel and Jay Rockett have filled out their pedal roster with delays, modulation effects, tremolo effects but have developed a following for their great sounding overdrive and boost pedals. Overdrives such as the Archer, Blue Note, and even signature pedal overdrives from players such as Tim Pierce and Guthrie Trapp all offer different flavours but all are a pleasure to hear and play through.

J. Rockett pedals are very user friendly with highly interactive controls, top mounted jacks, and with the introduction of the 'tour series' a rugged stripped down version of some of their best pedals, there is something for everyone.

J.Rockett pedals have been used by many of the world's great guitar players from Eric Johnson, and Mark Tremonti, to the late great Allan Holdsworth. There is a reason so many world class players choose J. Rockett and it's simply down to their fantastic quality and sound.

Why Should I Choose a J. Rockett Pedal?

  • Made in USA
  • Used by many of the world top guitarists
  • Fantastic tones

Frequently Asked Questions about J. Rockett Pedals

Question: Are J. Rockett pedals any good?
Yes, J. Rockett pedals offer high quality tones that many guitarists flock to.
Question: Where are J. Rockett pedals made?
J. Rockett pedals are made in southern California, USA.
Question: Which artists use a J. Rockett pedal?
Artists such as Eric Johnson, Mark Tremonti, Steve Stevens, and Guthrie Trapp use a J. Rockett pedal.