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Schecter Accessories

Schecter Accessories include a fantastic range of gig bags and USA made guitar pickups. The high quality Schecter gig bags for the safe transportation of your prized guitar. Various shapes and sizes are available to cater for Schecter's (and other brands') more outlandish guitar and bass designs. These are heavy duty bags with all of the backpack straps and extra pocketed areas you've come to expect and rely on.

The Schecter pickups are built in the USA to an incredibly high standard, so much so that they are used on Schecter custom shop guitars along side their diamond series guitars. Schecter pickups are a great alternative to traditional pickups and offer a wide range of models for all styles with a high quality sound.

Why Should I Choose Schecter Accessories?

  • Fantastic Range of Pickups
  • Great Sound
  • Variety of Price Ranges

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Accessories

Question: Can I use non-Schecter guitars with Schecter gig bags?
Yes, absolutely! Just check the dimensions before you commit to purchasing. There should be no problems regarding fit since there are a large collection of sizes available. If in doubt, contact us!
Question: Are Schecter Accessories any good?
Yes. Schecter accessories are very good. Schecter produce a range of accessories, most notably they provide a wide-range of high quality pickups.
Question: What accessories do Schecter produce?
Schecter produce a range of accessories, such as gig bags, hard cases and pickups.
Question: Who uses Schecter Accessories?
Schecter accessories are used by a wide variety of players who want to maximise the heaviness of their tone. Synyster Gates even has his own signature Schecter humbuckers which give him his iconic, recognisable tone.