Schecter Electric Guitar Pickups

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About Schecter Electric Guitar Pickups

Schecter Electric Guitar Pickups are a product by Schecter, who initially started life as a guitar parts specialist, making bodies, neck, and even pickups for electric guitars. Throughout the years while they have offered their custom shop guitars they have continued to create custom pickups which offer a unique look and a boutique sound to go aong with their guitars.

Today, Schecter has been able to expand this experience to include their guitars built in South Korea. On guitar lines such as the Apocalypse series you can find their high output Apocalypse humbuckers and on the Synyster Gates guitars you can find a set of USA Synyster Gates signature humbuckers. Schecter electric guitar pickups have consistently offered a high level of quality through their USA factory and now increasing the availability of their USA made pickups means you can get custom shop tone through their more affordable diamond series guitars or through a simple pickup swap into your existing guitar.

Why Should I Choose Schecter Electric Guitar Pickups?

  • Built in the USA
  • Wide range of pickups for all styles
  • Unique aesthetics including clear bobbins

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Electric Guitar Pickups

Question: Are Schecter guitar pickups any good?
Yes. Schecter guitars make pickups in their USA factory to an incredibly high standard of quality, a great custom upgrade to any guitar.
Question: Where are Schecter guitar pickups made?
Schecter guitar pickups are made in the USA in their Californian Factory.
Question: Do Schecter guitars use Schecter guitar pickups?
Yes a number of guitars use their pickups such as the Apocalypse series, the Banshee Elite and Banshee Mach series, the Solo II, and some Sun Valley Super Shredder Models.