Schecter Synyster Gates

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About Schecter Synyster Gates

Schecter’s Synyster Gates signature has been one of their most popular guitars. Gates, lead guitarist for Californian metallers Avenged Sevenfold. Gates’ taste runs to the unorthodox: his signature electric guitar is based on the Avenger shape and is often finished in showy custom paint schemes that incorporate bright metallic colours along with his trademark pinstripes.

There have been a few variations of Gates’ signature Avenger guitar over the years (he is a long time player of Schecter guitars) including models with a Sustainiac system built in and others with different combinations of pickups and finishes. All of the Synyster Gates signature Schecter have Floyd Rose tremolos and high output pickups.

Schecter also produce a range of signature Synyster Gates acoustic models and signature pickups. Syn fans: come to your closest UK guitarguitar store to see these fantastic guitar in person!


Why Should I Choose Schecter Synyster Gates?

  • The official Synyster Gates signature model
  • Powerful and versatile pickup switching options
  • Made to an incredible standard

Frequently Asked Questions about Schecter Synyster Gates

Question: What is the difference between the Schecter Hellraiser and the Hellraiser Hybrid ranges?
The Hellraiser Hybrid range is a mix of Hellraiser and SLS features. Essentially a Hellraiser Hybrid is a Hellraiser guitar with the slim neck profile and side dots of an SLS guitar and some very cool looking Carbon Fibre binding.
Question: Can I get an 8 string Hellraiser guitar with a Floyd Rose tremolo?
Yes indeed you can! There aren't many 8 string guitars out there with a Floyd Rose tremolo so this is rather special. Just look for the Schecter C-8 FR model.
Question: What is different about the Hellraiser Passive range?
The difference is in the pickup models. The Hellraiser range has active pickups whereas the Hellraiser Passive range has a set of Schecter's USA made Brimstone passive pickups. Finishes between the two ranges may vary but apart form that, the two ranges are the same.
Question: What body shapes are available in the Hellraiser series?
The Schecter Hellraiser range lets you choose between the C-1 and the Solo-II body tshapes, each with a multitude of bridge and finish options.
Question: Are these actually the guitars that Synyster Gates plays on stage?
They are! Given that he is a famous rock star and can play whatever he wants, it is a testament to the quality of the guitars that Synyster Gates does play his Signature Schecters live and in the studio. The same goes for the Cure and all other Schecter endorsees: what you buy in guitarguitar is what they play night after night.