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About Nord Keyboards

Nord keyboards are the industry standard for professional musicians. From the studio to the stage, it's easy to spot their sleek red finish. Loved for their hands-on approach, Nord keyboards shun the menu diving that other keyboards demand. Instead, they give you full control of each feature directly from the front panel.
Built with the player in mind, Nord keyboards are each packed with a great range of sounds that can be sculpted on the fly and taken to the extreme. With synth, piano and organ style keyboards available, it's clear to see why Nord keyboards have been the choice of the professionals for over 20 years.


Why Should I Choose a Nord Keyboard?

  • Industry-standard instrument for stage and studio
  • Easy to control, with no menu diving
  • World-class build quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Keyboards

Question: Do Nord keyboards have built-in speakers?
No. Since they're intended for use in the recording studio or for being amplified through a PA at venues, Nord keyboards don't include built-in speakers.
Question: Where are Nord keyboards made?
All Nord keyboards are made in Stockholm.
Question: Which Nord keyboard is best for beginners?
If you're taking piano lessons, we'd recommend the Nord Piano 4. It's a great sounding stage piano with a Fatar keybed. It also has a fantastic range of built-in sounds.
Question: Can I use a Nord Keyboard as a MIDI controller?
Yes, all Nord keyboards feature a USB connection so you can connect the keyboard to your computer and use it to play your favourite music software.