Nord Electro

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About Nord Electro

The Nord Electro is one of the most popular keyboards with professional musicians. Capable of producing a massive selection of acoustic and synth sounds, the Nord Electro is an excellent match for most styles of music. With a powerful sample engine and a selection of real time controls, the Nord Electro allows you to tweak the sounds to fit your needs, without requiring you to navigate through complicated menu screens. Plus, because the Nord Electro is sample-based, it's easy to update your sounds using Nord Sample Library website. If you're looking for a performance instrument that can play any sound you can think of, you'll find it with the Nord Electro.

The Nord Electro series features a range of Nord keyboards and keyboard cases.

Why Should I Choose Nord Electro?

  • Huge selection of acoustic and synth sounds
  • Hands-on control with easy sound sculpting
  • Import new sounds from the Nord Sample Library

Frequently Asked Questions about Nord Electro

Question: Is Nord Electro a synth?
No, while the Nord Electro does have a huge selection of synthesizer sounds, they're actually sample-based. Working in this way allows you to layer acoustic and synthesizer sounds or split them across the keyboard.
Question: Is the Nord Electro worth it?
Yes. The Nord Electro is a powerful keyboard that features a huge amount of acoustic and electronic sounds. This has made the Nord Electro popular with professional musicians, who need quick access to great sounds that can be tweaked using real-time controls.
Question: Does Nord Electro have speakers?
No, because the Nord Electro has been designed for gigging musicians who mainly play through PAs and amps, it doesn't feature built-in speakers.
Question: What is the difference between Nord Electro and Stage?
The Nord Stage builds on the Nord Electro, adding a Nord Lead A1 synth engine an expanded effects section and twice the memory.