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About G&L Bass Guitars

G&L Bass Guitars are high quality instruments made in the USA and the Far East. These designs are from the mind of the man who started it all: Leo Fender. G&L guitars offer a range of original basses as well as models based on Leo's earlier designs.

Particular attention is paid to innovative electronics and high levels of workmanship. G&L basses offer a viable alternative to the regular choices of bass on the market. Innovations such as the Tri-Tone switching system on models like the L2000 further cement the company's individuality and progressive, forward-thinking nature.

We are great fans of G&L instruments at guitarguitar and offer a wide range of their basses in our UK stores ready to play and buy. Browse our entire selection online. We have free delivery and click-and-collect options. You can also contact your local store for more details.


Why Should I Choose a G&L Bass Guitar?

  • Many models and parts come from Leo Fender designs
  • A reliable choice for the gigging and recording musician
  • A range of styles and sounds to suit all kinds of music

Frequently Asked Questions about G&L Bass Guitars

Question: What are the main G&L bass models?
The main G&L bass models include the L1000 (and 2000 for the two pickup model), the JB which is a Jazz-style bass, the Kilton & the SB which have a slightly sharper, sleeker body shape. G&L offers these shapes and more with a range of options for pickups and finishes.
Question: Do G&L make 5 string basses?
Yes they do! Check out the G&L Tribute L2500 for a great 5 string with lots of tonal options.