Arranger Keyboards

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Arranger Keyboards

Arranger keyboards are designed for live performance. They feature an impressive selection of rhythms and accompaniments which will follow the chords of the song as you play. It's a simple and effective approach that takes the convenience of backing tracks and combines them with the freedom of a live band performance.

Arranger keyboards feature sounds and rhythms from many genres, including blues, rock, pop, dance, folk and even eastern styles of music. They also provide effects, lyric display, MP3 playback and custom setlists.

If you're looking for total freedom with your solo and band keyboard performances, you're going to love using an arranger keyboard. At guitarguitar, we have a variety of arranger keyboards available from Yamaha and Roland.


Why Should I Choose an Arranger Keyboard?

  • One of the best ways to perform with accompaniment
  • Great selection of sounds from different styles of music
  • Most keyboards also feature vocal effects

Frequently Asked Questions about Arranger Keyboards

Question: What's the difference between an arranger keyboard and a regular keyboard?
While regular keyboards put the focus mainly on sounds, an arranger keyboard is designed to be a backing track machine that follows the chord changes played by your hands. This allows you to perform fully orchestrated songs without limitation, extend sections, move into different keys on the fly and add effects to suit the moment.
Question: Do I need an amp for an arranger keyboard?
Many arranger keyboards feature built-in speakers which makes them great for practising at home. However these won't be loud enough for gigs, so it could be worth investing in an amp or PA system if you're going to be playing to an audience.
Question: How many keys does an arranger keyboard have?
Most arranger keyboards feature 61 keys, which makes them portable but still suitable for two-handed playing. However, there are some 76 and 88 key models available.