Arranger Keyboards

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About Keyboard Arrangers

Arranger Keyboards are professional level instruments that offer a huge range of instrument sounds, rhythms and accompaniments. Featuring an intuitive interface system, arranger keyboards allow you to perform songs with a fully produced sound on the fly. These features make them ideal for gigging musicians, houses of worship and home use.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arranger Keyboards

Question: Can I use an arranger keyboard to play middle eastern music?
Most arranger keyboards offer some middle eastern sounds and rhythms. However, the Korg PA700ORT Oriental is made specifically with middle eastern music in mind by adding a mini-keyboard on the left side. This can be used to customize quarter tone scales and create Arabic, Iranian and Lebanese musical styles as well as voices such as ouds, bouzuks, and kanouns.
Question: Do arranger keyboards have weighted keys?
Arranger keyboards tend to not feature weighted key-beds as they need to be portable.
Question: How does it know what to play?
Typically you specify which rhythm or style you want to play by using the control interface and during the song the music will follow the chords played by your left hand. You can easily specify musical changes and fills by using the dedicated buttons on the front panel.