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About Fulltone Pedals

Fulltone are one of the most respected and popular US pedal makers. Led by Mike Fuller, they are a boutique brand who make hand-built pedals. They are responsible for modern-day classics such as the Full-Drive and the O.C.D. overdrive.

Fulltone make a wide range of effects. In addition to overdrives and distortions, they make Wah pedals, tremolos and a host of fuzz pedals. The standard of quality for both the build and the sound is extremely high. Fulltone pedals are used by many industry pros.

We have been fans of Fulltone for many years now. We are proud to stock these fantastic pedals both online and in our showrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fulltone Pedals

Our best selling Fulltone drive pedal is the O.C.D. This stands for Obsessive Compulsive Drive. It is a very useful, transparent distortion pedal.