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About Guitar Pedal Boards

Guitar pedal boards are a big consideration for most players. If you are a gigging guitarist, you need a selection of your most useful and effective pedal selections at your feet in an accessible way. Purpose-made pedal boards allow you to arrange your guitar pedals in an efficient manner, with cabling and power all considered. You also need to consider stage-space since not all of us are playing in vast arenas! Part of the fun of pedal boards is the careful selection and placement of your pedals on a board that is portable but robust.

Even if you don’t go out playing gigs, if you are a pedal enthusiast, it makes sense to have a pedal board set up anyway. It’s tidy, efficient and allows you to quickly set up, play and move your pedals without hassle. It’s also nice and quick if you have to tidy them away often.

At guitarguitar, we have been selling pedal boards for well over ten years and have had plenty of experience with them. We offer a wide range of boards by a number of top manufacturers such as Pedaltrain, Voodoo Lab, T-Rex and Mono. We have all of the accessories you’ll need including patch cables and power supplies. We have experienced staff on hand to help advise and guide you to the best pedal board for your needs. Visit any of our UK stores or browse our entire selection here online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Guitar Pedal Boards

Pedal boards themselves are usually tough pieces of metal and as such, are not light. Once the pedals are added, it's a whole different story! Yes, pedal boards are heavy things to transport, especially if you go for the boards with hard cases or flight cases. Choosing a gig bag version saves a lot of weight therefore we definitely recommend considering one. Mono make a range of bags for pedal boards that are extremely tough yet very light. Also, the BOSS BDB-60 is comparatively light since it is made from ABS plastic.
Yes! BOSS make a great pedal board called the BCB-60. It holds up to 6 standard sized pedals and comes with a built in power supply. If you use six or less pedals, this is a very good option for you!
You can if you want, if you don't mind it rattling around inside the pedal board's bag or case, chipping the finishes of your painstakingly curated boutique pedal collection! Why not try mounting it underneath the tallest part of the board with velcro? Nearly all pedal boards have space to accommodate this. Some pedalboards, such as the Voodoo Labs Dingbat series, supply mounting brackets and screws for a custom installation of their own-brand power supplies (which are excellent). Power supplies are important and deserve to be treated properly.
Here are a few pointers to get you off on the right foot when considering which pedal board to purchase. The first thing would be to arrange your pedals on the floor in the same way you'd like them to be on a pedal board. Have them all plugged in so you can understand the space needed for patch cables. Now try playing a few songs with this setup. You will be able to tell how easy or awkward your layout is for you only after you need to use it! If everything feels good, the next thing to ask yourself is: are you content (for now) with the amount and selection of pedals you own? Will you be buying more? In other words, should you consider a pedal board that is a 'size up' in order to future-proof yourself? With all this considered, measure the area that your pedals take up and have a look on our website at correspondingly sized boards. Unless you are Omar from At the Drive-In, we should have more than enough choice to cover your needs! The next thing to think about is the power supply. This is an important part of the equation and we have covered this in its own section so please refer to that. Finally, there is the matter of whether you want to go for a padded gig bag or a hard case to carry your board in. There are pros and cons to each choice but if you don't play internationally and weight is an issue, we'd suggest a gig bag.