Ordo Pedal Boards / Cases

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About Ordo Pedalboards & Cases

Ordo Pedalboards and Cases provide a quick, high quality and great value solution for pedal storage, transportation and gigging. The powder coated all-metal frames allow for clean, tidy pedal arrangement just how you want, with space underneath for keeping cables securely out of the way, while the tough, durable guitar cases keep everything conveniently stowed and protected for storage and protection. All delivered at a fantastic price.

Why Should I Choose an Ordo Pedalboard or Case?

  • Fantastic pre-built pedalboard solutions
  • Built tough to stand up to touring and gigging
  • High quality powder coated metal pedalboard construction
  • Sturdy, reliable protective gig bags

Frequently Asked Questions about Ordo Pedal Boards / Cases

Question: Are Ordo pedalboards and cases any good?
Yes they are! Ordo pedalboards and cases are manufactured to a high degree of quality and reliability, and are built tough to stand up to the rigours of touring and gigging so you can be sure your precious pedals and stompboxes are safe and secure.