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About Digitech Pedals

Digitech are a major effects manufacturer from Utah in the US. Digitech make effects pedals, rack units and multi-fx units. There most famous creation is perhaps the Whammy pedal, an innovative real-time pitch shifting device that has become a defining sound in modern rock music.

Digitech are known for their inventive and ground breaking devices. Pedals like the Trio and the JamMan have brought looping technology and band accompaniment to solo musicians. Some Digitech pedals, like the Buzz Box, for example, have become revered collector's items.

Digitech pedals are known to be extremely hard wearing tools for gigging players. They have a lot of sonic character and are relatively distinct among mainstream pedal companies for offering original designs rather than variations of classic sounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Digitech Pedals

Question: Are Digitech pedals any good?
Yes, Digitech pedals are loved for their distinctive sound, unique functionality and professional quality.
Question: Who uses Digitech pedals?
Some notable Digitech users include Tom Morello, Bootsy Collins, Ed O'Brien and Buckethead.
Question: What does a Digitech Whammy pedal sound like?
It is mainly Rock players who use the Whammy. Here are a few prominent examples of Whammy pedal action: Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name (guitar solo), David Gilmour - Marooned (Pink Floyd) and The Blue (Solo), Radiohead - Just (main guitar riff), Muse - Map of the Problematique (main riff via MIDI'd Whammy pedal), Invincible (guitar solo) and Pantera - Becoming (main riff and solo). The Whammy pedal actually produces a wide range of pitch-based effects. The most famous of these is probably the real-time pitch shifting that allows you either one or two (you can choose) octaves of upwards pitch, sending your notes high off into the stratosphere.
Question: Can bass players also use the Whammy pedal?
Indeed they can! Bass players can actually buy their own Bass Whammy pedal. Players including Tool's Justin Chancellor make inspired use of their Bass Whammy pedals.
Question: What is Digitech's connection to DOD pedals?
DOD, who are a classic 70s pedal brand, are owned by Digitech's Parent company Harmon. In the past, Harmon have reissued famous DOD effects pedals under both the DOD and Digitech names. They used the same chassis and parts but had different 'parent' companies depending on when and where they were released. For example, the infamous DOD Grunge pedal has been reissued as a Digitech pedal and used on many Digitech multi FX units over the years.
Question: What is the most popular digitech pedal?
At guitarguitar, the freqout feedback creator is the bestselling, closely followed by the digitech polara reverb.