Digitech Whammy

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About Digitech Whammy

The Digitech Whammy is the bestselling pitch shifting pedal of all time. It has inspired countless guitarists over the years since its release in the late 80s including the likes of Tom Morello, Dimebag Darrell, Matt Bellamy and Jack White. The legendary whammy pedal is a premier pitch shifting pedal that is built into a treadle format, meaning you can control the unique pitch shifting sound with your foot via the expression pedal.

There are two main modes in a Digitech Whammy. The first is the ‘Whammy’ mode which is considered to be the classic Whammy sound and shifts your whole guitar signal up or down from a semi-tone to two full octaves. This can be used for wild, impossible glissandos. It can also be used more subtly, to replicate lower tunings with excellent sound quality without the hassle of having to retune your guitar.

The second mode is ‘Harmony’. This mode adds a pitch shifted signal on top of your normal signal. Combining your guitar signal with an octave up imitates the sound of a twelve string guitar; whereas combining your guitar signal with an octave down gives the impression of a bass player in perfect time with you. You can also use the ‘Detune’ option to give your guitar a lush, slightly synthetic, chorus sound.

These days the Digitech Whammy has been optimized for bass guitarists with the Digitech Bass Whammy. It is also available without the treadle in the Whammy Ricochet model.

Why Choose the Digitech Whammy?

  • Unique pitch shifting capabilities that you control with your foot
  • Adds a distinctive sound to your playing
  • Has been used to create many legendary riffs and solos
  • Wild, impossible glissandos
  • Mimic the sound of a 12-string or bass guitar

Frequently Asked Questions about Digitech Whammy

Question: Are DigiTech Whammy pedals any good?
Yes! DigiTech Whammy pedals have been used to create many iconic riffs and solos by the likes of Tom Morello and Dimebag Darrell, making them hugely popular.
Question: Where are DigiTech Whammy pedals made?
DigiTech Whammy pedals are made in the Republic of Korea to very high standards.
Question: Which famous guitarists use the Digitech Whammy?
Most famously, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine uses the Digitech Whammy for digital sirens and Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien employs it for subtle textural shimmers. The Digitech Whammy has been used by a huge range of guitarists from the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to Jack White and Matt Bellamy.
Question: Which Digitech Whammy is best?
There have been five generations of Digitech Whammy, each one with their own particular sound. Although every guitarist who has used them will have their own favourites, you can’t ignore the fact that the latest model - the Digitech Whammy V - is by far the most practical. This is because it runs on a normal 9v DC power supply. Older Whammy models ran on AC power which didn’t integrate well with modern power supplies and pedalboards.
Question: Where does the Digitech Whammy go in the pedal chain?
The Digitech Whammy works best when it receives the cleanest signal possible. This means you should put it first in your signal chain before overdrives and distortions. That said, if you’re striving for wild, glitchy sounds, experiment with placing it later in your signal chain.