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About Folk Instruments

Folk instruments form a special part of every guitarguitar acoustic department. The instruments used in folk music include the mandolin, banjo, ukulele and harmonica as well as the dulcimer and bouzouki. Guitarguitar proudly sells all of these instruments from makers such as Deering, Ozark, Eastman and Mahalo. If you are interested in folk music, roots music or playing in acoustic ensembles, we will undoubtedly have a number of instruments to interest you in each of our stores, not to mention the entire range available online.

Frequently Asked Questions about Folk Instruments

For guitarguitar, 'folk instruments' refers to the acoustic (or electro acoustic) instruments used to play the folk music styles from around the world. Lots of folk tradition has spread from area to area across the world, though. For instance, the banjo, that most Southern American of instruments, actually came from Africa so our loose term of Folk Instruments is merely a suggestive one rather than descriptive of any particular musical genre. This category contains mainly fretted instruments that can be played acoustically.
One suggestion would be a 6 string banjo. These are tuned to the same notes as a guitar and have a neck that is relatively similar to an acoustic guitar so you should be able to pick one up straight away and begin playing with confidence. An example of a good 6 string banjo is the Epiphone Stagebird.
All of our stores carry a good selection of folk instruments within our acoustic departments. In addition to that, our Glasgow, Birmingham and London stores have dedicated acoustic showrooms filled with an outstanding collection of acoustic instruments including an excellent folk instrument area in each. Our Birmingham acoustic showroom is the largest of its kind in the UK: this is definitely the place to go to if you want to be surrounded by stunning examples of folk instruments!