Fender Folk Instruments

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About Fender Folk Instruments

Fender make a range of beautiful and accessible folk instruments that include ukuleles and resonator guitars. These instruments are built to traditional specifications and offer great quality and value.

Fender produce a wide range of ukuleles including some electro models. One of the most popular models is the Venice, which has a cool Telecaster-style headstock! See these and more in the folk department of every UK guitatguitar store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Folk Instruments

Question: What type of resonator guitar does Fender make?
Fender make a distinctive resonator in the shape of the Brown Derby Resonator. It is made with an aluminium Continental Cone which is built in Hungary. This guitar features a Telecaster style headstock on its Mahogany neck.
Question: Do any Fender ukuleles have solid tops?
Yes, the Fender Rincon ukulele has a top made of solid ovangkol. The Montecito model goes a step further and is made entirely out of solid koa.
Question: Which ukulele is an electro model?
Fender's Rincon ukulele comes complete with a Fishman Kula pickup and preamp for plugging in and playing live.