Fender Ukuleles

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About Fender Ukuleles

Fender Ukuleles come in a wonderful selection of styles, sizes, and colours. Some are even based on Fender's iconic electric guitar designs including the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Jazzmaster! With Soprano, Concert, and Tenor body sizes to choose from, there is one to suit whatever you are after.

The Venice Soprano is an excellent choice for beginners and the Fullerton range would likely serve a professional performing musician very well. With signature ukuleles from Dhani Harrison and Billie Eilish, Fender ukuleles are some of the best around! Keep your Fender ukulele sounding perfect with their range of ukulele strings.

Why Should I Choose a Fender Ukelele?

  • A number of traditional and contemporary designs
  • Acoustic and electric ukulele models
  • Budget-friendly beginner models right through to artist signature ukuleles

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Ukuleles

Question: Are Fender ukuleles easy to play?
Ukuleles in general are considered to be easy to pick up and learn. Fender's ukes are well made and comfortable and are a great choice for both the beginner or the seasoned player.
Question: What ukulele models does Fender make?
Fender makes many models such as the Venice and Zumo to the Fullerton Telecaster, Stratocaster and Jazzmaster which are modelled on their iconic guitar designs.
Question: Are Fender ukuleles good?
The same high quality can be found in Fender's ukuleles as in their other instruments, so yes, they are very good.
Question: What sizes of ukulele do Fender make?
Fender ukuleles fall into 3 main size categories which are Soprano, Concert, and Tenor, listed from smallest to largest.