Fender Ukuleles

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About Fender Ukuleles

Fender Ukuleles bring a little extra Hawaiian sunshine to this most sunny of guitar brands! Fender offer ukuleles in Soprano, Concert and Tenor sizes. The Venice Soprano Ukulele has a cool Strat-style headstock for a unique look. Other models include the Rincon Tenor ukulele, which is an electro model. This is fitted with a high quality Fishman Kula pickup system to let you take your uke on stage with you!

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Ukuleles

Question: Are Fender ukuleles easy to play?
Ukuleles in general are considered to be easy to pick up and learn. Fender's ukes are well made and comfortable and are a great choice for both the beginner or the seasoned player.
Question: What ukulele models does Fender make?
Fender currently offer 5 ukulele models: Montecito Tenor Rincon Tenor Venice Soprano Seaside Soprano Zuma Concert