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About Cole Clark Guitars

Cole Clark guitars is an acoustic guitar brand from Australia. The company are distinctive in their use of visually striking tonewoods from Australia and New Zealand. In addition to standard acoustic body types, Cole Clark make guitars according to their own original shapes. Their use of a 'Spanish Heel' when joining their necks to the bodies is a noteworthy departure from the norm. It is a defining characteristic of the brand.

Cole Clark are notable for their innovations in acoustic guitar pickups. Their goal to make "the world’s most natural sounding pickup" has resulted in their instruments producing a life-like plugged sound. For this reason, they are popular with performing guitarists and singer-songwriters.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cole Clark Guitars

Question: Who is Cole Clark?
Cole Clark is not a 'who' so much as he is a 'they'. The founders of the brand are Adam Cole and Bradley Clark.