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About Portable Recorders

Looking to record some simple demos or your band rehearsals? What about field recording? guitarguitar's range of portable audio recorders have you covered. These are digital audio recorders, are mostly handheld, and have built in stereo microphones. Other portable recorders available are designed for use in conjunction with video cameras for capturing high quality audio for film.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Recorders

Absolutely, and as most of our portable recorders feature studio quality microphones, you are going to get a much clearer recording than you would if you were using an office dictaphone. If you're presenting with a microphone, you could even get a direct feed straight into the recorder for optimum sound quality.
As all handheld recorders allow for different capacities of SD card the amount of audio varies. Most portable recorders come supplied with a 2gb SD card, which allows for roughly 3 hours of stereo audio in WAV format and much longer if recording to MP3, virtually all of our handheld recorders will support up to 32gb SD cards, so you will have plenty of room on one SD card for your recordings.