Taylor Electric Guitars

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About Taylor Electric Guitars

Known more for their world class acoustic guitars, Taylor also make their own range of electric guitars. Taylor electric guitars are innovative and original designs that appeal to a wide range of players. The T3 is a modern-retro hollowbody guitar with it's own unique sound and style. The Taylor T5 is a game-changing hybrid. It allows you access to convincing electric and acoustic tones from one distinctive instrument.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor Electric Guitars

Question: What type of guitarist uses a Taylor electric guitar?
Taylor electric guitars are popular with session guitarists due to their high build quality and versatility. Players who back up singers, work in orchestra pits and guitarists on the move who need a wide selection of tones in one instrument.
Question: Where do Taylor make their electric guitars?
Taylor make their electric guitars in the same El Cajon, California factory as their acoustic guitars.