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About the Taylor T5

The Taylor T5 is a revolutionary hybrid semi acoustic guitar. The T5's unique switching allows you to select credible and high quality electric and acoustic sounds from one instrument. It achieves this by using a combination of sensors, magnetic electric guitar pickups and an active soundboard. The T5z features all of this within a more compact body. Versatility is the keyword with the Taylor T5.

Why Should I Choose Taylor T5?

  • Great Specs
  • Excellent Tonewoods
  • Marvellous Sound
  • Taylor Build Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor T5 Guitars

Question: Is the Taylor T5 an electric or acoustic guitar?
The Taylor T5 is in fact both. The T5 uses both piezo and traditional magnetic pickups to provide a range of tones that cover both the electric and acoustic spectrums of sound.
Question: What kind of amplifier do I need for this guitar?
With the Taylor T5, you can actually use either an electric guitar amp or an acoustic amp, depending on your overall preference. If you use an A/B box (sold separately) you can play the T5 through both types of amp at the same time. This will send the magnetic pickup output to an electric guitar amp and the acoustic piezo sounds to an acoustic combo or live mixing desk.
Question: Does the T5 sound like an acoustic when it is unplugged?
The Taylor T5 is not a 'true' acoustic guitar so when unplugged, it sounds very much like a regular unplugged electric guitar. The acoustic sounds come into play when the T5 is plugged into an amplifier and the piezo sounds are selected.
Question: I've read that there are two humbucker pickups on the T5: where are they?
The Taylor T5 does in fact have two humbucker pickups installed. One is invisible: it is hidden underneath the instrument's top but is fully functional and selectable. The other pickup, the one at the bridge that resembles a 'lipstick tube' pickup, is in fact a humbucker.