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About Ibanez Guitars

Ibanez Guitars have been providing us with reliable, high-quality, instruments for over 60 years now. During this period they have grown to become one of the fiercest brands out there. With a huge roster of talented fans from a wide array of genres, you know you're in good company by choosing an Ibanez Electric Guitar.

Ibanez Guitars have made some of the most memorable and impactful changes to the way we think about electric guitars. They have introduced us to some of the fastest, most playable necks in the business. And they have made Rock and Metal great again with their venerable RG and JEM series guitars that are ready to shred right out of the box!

This doesn't mean that Ibanez is all about Rock and Metal though. In fact, no matter what style of music you play, you can be certain to find something to suit. Just starting out and looking at their GIO range of guitars? Moving your way up to a good all around Solid Body? Looking to fuel your Jazz and Blues licks with a nice Semi-Acoustic? Whatever you fancy, Ibanez Guitars have some of the most versatile offerings available.

Ibanez are one of our biggest brands. As an authorised UK dealer, we have a massive selection of their guitars and basses in stock at all times. Visit any of our stores and see for yourself why Ibanez are such a revered brand.

What Makes Ibanez Guitars Different?

  • Famous for their bold designs and use of colour
  • Loved by both metalheads and jazz players
  • Have been played by Paul Stanley, Mick Thomson, Phil Lynott, Eddie Van Halen and many, many more
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Guitars

    Ibanez are a Japanese company. Their parent company, Hoshino Gakko, started trading in 1908. They began importing Spanish classical guitars to Japan under the name Salvador Ibanez in 1929. The latter part of the name stuck! Today, Ibanez guitars are made in Japan, China and Indonesia. There is also a custom shop in Los Angeles.
    Ibanez's most popular guitars tend to be the more affordable models, such is their level of quality for the price. The two that repeatedly sell the most are the GRG140 and the GSA60. Both are an excellent purchase for any guitarist and are available from all of our shops in a choice of finishes. Aside from these two, some other very popular Ibanez guitars include the hollow body AG95QA and the Steve Vai Jem Jr.
    Ibanez guitars are available in a number of collections. These include Standard, Premium, Prestige, Iron Label and for basses, the Bass Workshop. Iron Label guitars are made specifically for modern metal and are spec'd accordingly. The Bass Workshop is for unusual, outlandish and very high quality basses released in relatively small runs. The rest - Standard, Premium and Prestige - are an indication of quality, with the Prestige models being the highest. These guitars have improved hardware, pickups and superior build quality.
    Ibanez Guitars has had a stunning artist roster since the 80s. Brand advocates such as Paul Stanley, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Fredrik Thordendal, George Benson, Pat Metheny have led the charge. In recent years Ibanez Guitars has pulled in a wealth of modern talent. The likes of Jake Bowen, Nita Strauss, Kiko Loureiro, JB Brubaker among others have been added to the pack. This endorsement keeps the brand relevant in the ever-changing world of music. With such a diverse list of players, you can be sure Ibanez Guitars really are building instruments that cater to everyone!
    Not at all! Ibanez Guitars are an incredibly diverse brand. Their Artcore and Artstar ranges of Semi-Acoustic guitars, Artist Series, Talmans, and even some of their Artist Signatures open the door to a more classic, vintage style. This will suit any player from any genre.