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About Ibanez Prestige

Ibanez Prestige is a line of specialist guitars and basses made to extremely high standards in Ibanez's Japanese factory. These are the highest specification Ibanez guitars available outside of the Team J.craft instruments. The Prestige line includes RG models in all of their variants (RGA, RGD etc) as well as S models, Roadcores, AR's, FR's and more. You can find 7 and 8 string Prestige models, all made with the finest woods and set up to perfection.

Ibanez guitars are high quality across the board but Ibanez Prestige guitars are a cut above. As one of the UK's main Ibanez dealers, we qualify for some extremely special limited edition Prestige models that other dealers cannot get - so make sure you use guitarguitar when you begin your search for your next Ibanez Prestige guitar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Prestige

"Prestige guitars are made in Japan to extremely high standards. They also come with an ABS plastic hardshell case. Premium guitars are made to very high standards in Indonesia and are supplied with a foam and nylon hard case. Both Prestige and Premium model Ibanezes are exceptional but those are the main, non-specific differences."
Most Ibanez Prestige guitars can be identified as such by the 'Prestige' inlay located on the headstock. They should all have a 'Made in Japan' marking on the back of the headstock. Also, all Prestige guitars come with a moulded hard shall case with the Ibanez Prestige insignia on both outer shell sides.
Ibanez offer lots of their ranges as Prestige models: select electric guitars from the RG, RGD, S, JEM, ARTSTAR, JS, ROADSTAR, FR, AR, ARZ and the new AZ range all have Prestige models available. This is just the electric guitars! Ibanez make lots of Prestige Bass guitars too.
All Ibanez Prestige guitars and basses are made in Ibanez's Japanese factory to exceptionally high standards. These are the highest quality production guitars that Ibanez make.