Ibanez AZ

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About Ibanez AZ

The Ibanez AZ Series is the ultimate ‘do-everything’ guitar. Equally at home with clean jazz, heavy shredding, and everything in between, the AZ Series is the last word in versatility.

The AZ is somewhere between a traditional ‘s-type’ and a superstrat. It is a high-performance guitar with exceptional hardware and playability but a bit more grown-up and versatile than their RG series. Even the colours are old-school: black, white, sunburst. Ibanez are going for a classic feel and sound while still excelling at what they do best: unrivalled playability. Ibanez have also just introduced the AZS which is a single-cut variant.

The secret to their stunning flexibility is the partly the pickups: the new Hyperion pickups from Seymour Duncan. These Alnico 5 pickups are exclusive to the AZ range and have a moderate output with an incredibly even balance from treble to bass. This means they take pedals very well but retain clarity even with higher gain. There is also another reason that AZ guitars are so versatile: the ‘Dyna-MIX’ and ‘Alter Switches’. These clever passive switches allow players to have 10 pickup variations. This means you can turn a humbucker into a single coil and single coils into a humbucker! Every sound is quickly at your fingertips.

The Ibanez AZ Series is available in two different ranges: the Japanese-made Prestige range and the more affordable Indonesian-made Premium range.

What makes the Ibanez AZ different?

  • Stunning versatility
  • Classic looks with modern performance
  • Unrivalled playability
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez AZ

    Question: Who plays an Ibanez AZ?
    Ibanez AZ guitars have been used by guitarists such as Kiko Loureiro, Josh Smith, Tom Quayle and Martin Miller.
    Question: What strings come on an Ibanez AZ?
    Ibanez AZ guitars come with D’Addario EXL110 (.010-.046)
    Question: Where are Ibanez AZ Premium guitars made?
    Ibanez AZ Premium guitars are made in the Ibanez Factory in Indonesia. AZ Prestige guitars are made in the famous Fujigen factory in Japan.