Ibanez Premium

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About Ibanez Premium

For pure bang for your buck, you can’t surpass the Ibanez Premium range. These sensational instruments are now available in RG and AZ style guitars and SR basses. Signature models from Steve Vai and Joe Satriani are also up for grabs.

Ibanez Premium guitars and basses are the top of the range Indonesian-made guitars. They are made with better quality materials and attention to detail than the standard range. Although Japanese-made Ibanez instruments are still the holy grail for many guitarists, the Ibanez Premium series gets close to this quality at more affordable prices.

As you’d expect from an Ibanez, these instruments are effortless to play. ‘Premium fret edge treatment’ and 5-piece laminated necks ensure the playability is second to none. Quality hardware such as Gotoh bridges and Seymour Duncan pickups mean that these instruments are fit for the serious professional player.

What Makes Ibanez Premium Different?

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Supremely playable
  • Quality hardware
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez Premium

    Question: Where are Ibanez Premium guitars made?
    Ibanez Premium guitars are made in Indonesia.
    Question: What's the difference between Ibanez Premium and Ibanez Prestige?
    Ibanez is a famous Japanese guitar manufacturer, but only their finest guitars are still made in Japan. The rest are made in Indonesia in order to keep prices down. The Ibanez Prestige Series is made in Japan whereas the Ibanez Premium is the top of the Indonesian range. While the Premium does punch above its weight, they can’t compete with the quality of the Prestige Series. Japanese made guitars are famous for their consistency and reliability which you can’t really recreate in mass-produced Indonesian guitars.