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About Ibanez JS

Ibanez JS guitars are the signature models of shred legend Joe Satriani. Joe has used Ibanez guitars since the mid 1980s and has enjoyed a long unbroken range of JS models suited to his unique brand of virtuosic instrumental guitar rock.

Ibanez JS guitars all feature Satriani's favourite neck profile and size of frets, which both sit somewhere between vintage and contemporary styles. The rounded, comfortable body shape is derived from an old Ibanez design called the Radius. Ibanez JS guitars always feature Edge locking tremolo units and a combination of Joe's favourite pickups - Ibanez pickups on the affordable JS140 and various permutations of DiMarzio pickups on his other models.

A selection of our Ibanez JS guitars come included with a gig bag or hard case.


Why Should I Choose Ibanez JS?

  • Amazing Tone
  • Great Feel
  • Joe Satriani Signature Looks
  • Amazing Build Quality

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez JS

Question: What are the main features that separate the JS guitars from similar models?
The main differences between JS models and the likes of RG or S models is the combination of high output pickups and Edge trem (very similar to those other guitars), alongside a specifically 'vintage' profile to the neck. This is in addition to a relatively rounded 9.5" radius fingerboard, which is very different to the extremely slim 'Wizard' necks and sometimes 17" radii of other Ibanez performance-style guitars. This combination makes the JS range unique. They look and sound futuristic but have a vintage feel. Guitarists who do not necessarily love 'shred' guitars often find that they love JS guitars for these very reasons.
Question: What are 'vintage frets'?
Vintage frets are simply frets that are thin and not too tall. Most technical and shred guitars have Jumbo or Extra Jumbo frets which are both tall and wide, making fast guitar playing easier. Joe doesn't like that though...he prefers the feel of older, vintage guitars and so his signature models cop some of this feel with a slightly rounded 9.5" radius fingerboard and vintage-sized fret wire.
Question: What pickups are on the JS series guitars?
This depends on which model you mean. The affordable JS140 has Ibanez's own Quantum & Infinity pickups, the same as you'd find on lots of standard range RGs etc. Further up the range you'll find DiMarzio humbuckers fitted. These consist of a combination of Satriani's signature models such as the Mo'Joe & Satchur8 as well as standard models including the Chopper. DiMarzio pickups are made in the USA and sound exceptional.
Question: What Ibanez JS does Joe Satriani use?
Joe has always played his own JS range of guitars, both live and in-studio. His choices have changed over the years as his range has changed. Currently he seems to prefer the Orange JS2410 and the Purple JS2450 models. These are exactly the same as the ones available at guitarguitar.
Question: What is Joe Satriani's favourite guitar?
Joe Satrianis favourite guitar is a vintage Fender Esquire he procured back in 1992.
Question: What strings does Joe Satriani use?
Joe Satriani uses D'Addario strings. 9-42 in standard, 10-52 in D, and 13-56 in A.