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About James Tyler Guitars

James Tyler guitars are custom built in Los Angeles. These boutique S-type guitars are world renowned. Tyler use a familiar double cutaway design, adding their own bright and eccentric finishes. Their guitars are also famous for their built-in booster circuits. A model such as the Tyler Studio Elite beats all others when it comes to versatility. Tyler guitars feel and sound exceptional.

We keep a wonderful selection of these instruments. This includes many Studio Elites and 'Burning Water' models. Please browse our range online or visit one of our stores to try one out.

Frequently Asked Questions about James Tyler Guitars

Question: How does James Tyler create those incredible finishes?
We are afraid that is a closely guarded industry secret! No one has been able to successfully recreate the 'Burning Water' or 'Shmear' finishes nor entice Tyler to share his secrets. Those few who do know aren't telling...
Question: What does the built in booster circuit give to the guitar, sound-wise?
The booster is a mid-boost. This simple circuit can push a signal into levels of mild overdrive or add gain and volume to an already crunchy guitar sound. It is useful as a solo boost or for having a clean tone on the edge of overdrive. It has proven itself to be a major buying factor for a number of guitarists looking at Tyler guitars.