Amp Footswitches

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About Amp Footswitches

Amp footswitches can be an essential accessory for getting the most out of your amp. Many modern amps have features you can toggle between with a footswitch. Amp footswitches can work with both valve amps and solid state amps.

Footswitches have simple yet powerful functions with a valve amp such as switching between a clean and overdrive channel, turning on and off the reverb or bringing the effects loop in and out.

Many contemporary solid state amps have the ability to save presets. In these cases, amp footswitches can recall these presets at the touch of a button, allowing you to access all your sounds while playing. In addition to this, some modern amps like the Marshall Code or BOSS Acoustic Singer have built-in looper pedals which can be controlled with a footswitch.

Why Should I Choose an Amp Footswitch?

  • Get the most out of your amp.
  • Switch between tones while playing.
  • Recall presets or control built-in loopers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Amp Footswitches

    Question: Are guitar amp footswitches interchangeable?
    No, unfortunately guitar amp footswitches are not interchangeable and will require the specific footswitch designed for the amp.
    Question: Do I need a footswitch for my amp?
    An amp footswitch will rarely give you functionality you don’t already have on the amp itself, whether it's pushing a button, twisting a knob or flicking a switch. The point of an amp footswitch is that you can make these changes while playing! Switching between channels for choruses and solos can really help give dynamism to your performance.