Line 6 Amp Footswitches

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About Line 6 Amp Footswitches

Line 6 Amp Footswitches allow you to unlock the full potential of your compatible amp. Guitarists who play live will appreciate how easy these footswitches are to use. Simple channel and effect switching allows for a dynamic performance and some of the footswitches allow for further control. Features on some of the models include a tap tempo function for time based effects, engaging a chromatic tuner as well as preset control. A roadworthy metal latching footswitch is appreciated by professional guitarists and the various models of Line 6 amp footswitches can help you achieve the best live performance you can give.

Why Should I Choose a Line 6 Amp Footswitch?

  • Easy to use
  • Excellent for live performance
  • Unlocks the full potential of your amp

Frequently Asked Questions about Line 6 Amp Footswitches

Question: Are Line 6 amp footswitches any good?
Yes! Line 6 amp footswitches have been designed to give you easy control of your amp meaning you can concentrate on your playing. They are also made to a high standard so can be relied upon when on tour.
Question: Which Line 6 amps can the footswitches be used with?
Popular models such as the Catalyst, Spider IV and POD have compatible footswitches.