Mapex Drums

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About Mapex Drums

Mapex drums and hardware are loved for their excellent tones and robust build quality. Used by many professional players, Mapex drums are loved for their next level tone and impressive build quality. In addition to this, Mapex drum hardware delivers the playing response required from experienced players and can be used to upgrade and expand your kit to a professional level. If you're looking improve your existing kit or build a new one from scratch, Mapex drum hardware has what it takes to get the best out of your playing.


Why Should I Choose Mapex Drums?

  • Made to a high standard
  • Available for a range of styles
  • Upgrade your drum kit

Frequently Asked Questions about Mapex Drums

Question: How good are Mapex drums?
Mapex drums and hardware are used by many professional players because of how good they are.
Question: What famous drummers use a Mapex drum kit?
Some notable Mapex players include ex Lamb of God and Megadeth drummer Chris Adler, Aaron McVeigh from Foxy Shazam and Craig Blundell from Steven Wilson's band.
Question: Are Mapex drums made in USA?
Mapex products are made in Taiwan.