Squier Stratocaster

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About Squier Stratocaster

The Squier Stratocaster is one of the most popular electric guitars ever made. It was originally designed as an entry point for beginner guitarists to learn on. Since then, the Squier Strat has gone on to become not just a rite of passage but a legitimate Strat in its own right. There is now a vast collection of Squier Strat models available. This ranges from affordable Bullet to spectacular Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe Strats.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Stratocaster

The Stratocaster is one of the most versatile electric guitar designs in existence. Squier's various models keep this famous versatility intact. The Stratocaster has a characteristic sound that is routinely referred to as 'chimey' and 'bell like'. It can quickly change to 'wild' and 'expressive when overdrive is added. Referencing such disparate players as Buddy Holly and Jimi Hendrix may not help the case either. After all, their famed signature sounds are nothing like each other! Suffice to say, the Strat has a few of the most famous 'clean' tones ever lurking within its simple design. Coupling this with the fact that bands such as Iron Maiden also use Strats makes it clear that you can really play anything on a Stratocaster!
The 'Active' part refers to the pickups using an active circuit that requires extra power from a 9v battery in order to operate. Active pickups like these offer a high output signal with very low levels of background noise. This makes active pickups perfect for heavier genres where you may want to play loud staccato riffs with no 'noisy bits' in between your notes.
The bridge on the Contemporary Active Strat is a special locking tremolo known as a Floyd Rose, after the man who invented it. Floyd Rose tremolos work by 'locking in' the string at both ends. At the bridge you actually snip off the ball end and then feed it into a jaw which tightens via an allen/hex key. The nut is actually a special locking nut with clamps that bolt down on the string. You tune up the guitar and lock both ends. You then use fine tuners located at each string end on the bridge to adjust tuning discrepancies brought on by the locking and clamping. When this is all done correctly, you should have a guitar that stays perfectly in tune no matter how much you play around with the whammy bar! Extra skills are required to adequately maintain a Floyd Rose tremolo but the sonic benefits are pretty spectacular!
'HSS' refers to the configuration of pickups. Traditional Stratocaster guitars have three single coil pickups and this is often referred to as 'SSS'. Many Strat models in the various Squier ranges have a humbucker pickup in the bridge position with the other two single coils in the usual place. This configuration is known as 'HSS'.
These are the names for the different series within the larger Squier range. Generally speaking, 'Bullet' guitars are the least expensive, followed by the 'Affinity' range. 'Standard' Squiers are as the name suggests. 'Deluxe' may have extra features such as more upmarket finishes and pickguards. 'Classic Vibe' are relatively tight recreations of vintage-era Fenders in terms of styling, hardware and details. 'Vintage Modified' are similar but allow for features such as non-vintage pickups and fingerboards. Finally, 'Contemporary' guitars are modern hot-rodded instruments with hotter (often active i.e. powered by a 9v battery) pickups and non-vintage colours and styling.