Squier Mini Strat

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About Squier Mini Strat

Squier Mini Strats are downsized, full attitude Stratocasters designed for smaller rock stars. They have smaller everything: smaller necks, smaller 3/4 sized bodies, smaller scale lengths and smaller frets so that even the most pint-sized of rockers can get to grips with an authentically styled Stratocaster.

The Squier Mini Stratocaster is more than a kids guitar. Its reduced dimensions and playability ensure that it is also a fantastic choice for a travel guitar!

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Mini Strat

Question: What age group is the Mini Strat intended for?
Depending on the use, all ages! In terms of kids using it, we'd say that by around 9 or 10 years old, most kids should be thinking of moving on to a full size guitar. Remember, the Squier Mini Strat is a superb travel guitar for adults too!
Question: What colours can I buy this Mini Strat in?
The Squier Mini Strat is currently available in three finishes: Black, Pink and Torino Red.
Question: Can I plug this into a regular guitar amp or do I need a special one?
The Squier Mini Strat can be plugged into absolutely any electric guitar amp! It has a full sized 1/4" jack output so any standard guitar cable and any guitar amp will be totally fine to use.
Question: What is the scale length of this Squier Mini Strat?
The Squier Mini Strat's scale length is 22.75" which is 2.75" shorter than a full sized Stratocatser. This may not sound huge but it is actually highly significant, especially when played side by side with a full sized Strat.