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About Plectrums

Plectrums are a very important part of the guitar playing experience. They are available in a large variety of shapes, colours and thicknesses. They are generally made from plastic.

There are 6 or 7 main gauges (gauge = thickness!) ranging from 0.50mm to 1.5mm. There are also several types of plectrum, or 'pick' that are significantly heavier than that.

Plectrums allow a degree of control and extra volume in your playing. They allow you to use extra techniques that fingers alone cannot.

Experimenting with plectrums is a cheap and fun way to investigate your own style and sound. Many players are surprised at just how much influence they can have on their playing.

At guitarguitar, we are all passionate about guitar. We have thousands of plectrums available in every store. Buy them individually or in packs or 6, 12 or more. Guitar picks will eventually wear out and lose their edge so make sure you keep plenty handy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Plectrums

The bestselling, without a shadow of a doubt, is the .73mm Tortex Yellow by Dunlop. This pick is available in a range of shapes but the regular 418P.73 shape is by far the most popular.
We all do it from time to time so don't worry too much unless you are dropping picks a lot! If you do drop them a lot, maybe you need to choose a plectrum made with a different material. There are plenty of Max Grip and Prime Tone picks on the market with a textured centre to provide extra grip. If you keep dropping your Nylon or Delrin plectrum, try carefully scoring a light cross design into each face of the pick right at the centre. A few scores in two directions at right angles to each other will provide an excellent grip that should work a treat! Just be careful with the knife or scalpel that you use!
Heavy plectrums can be used for harder pick attack. They are particularly popular with bassists since they are dealing with far heavier strings. They are also highly favoured by Jazz and shred players. Big Stubbies are available in 2mm and 3mm increments.
No, not at all. As with all things musical, you can use whatever equipment you like to play whatever styles you like! Jazz III plectrums are one of the most popular picks in the world and only a small handful of those people who use them play Jazz. They are popular with shredders, fusion players and metal players as much as they are for blues guys and, yes, jazzers!
Tortex is a material invented by Jim Dunlop. To is a type of textured plastic intended to mimic the feel, sound and response of real tortoiseshell. Tortoiseshell has of course been outlawed but, previous to that, it was used extensively in plectrum making. Tortex is the number one choice for plectrums across the entire planet.