Gibson Guitar Picks / Plectrums

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About Gibson Guitar Picks / Plectrums

Gibson Guitar Picks are ideal for the player who's Gibson through and through. Gibson Plectrums come in a variety of different widths and styles, but are made a quality celluloid that makes them durable and easy to grip. Gibson Picks come in bundles, and even in special Gibson Collectors Tins which is ideal for the Gibson afficianado.

Why Should I Choose a Gibson Guitar Pick / Plectrum?

  • Variety of Options for Different Playstyles and Preferences
  • Great Designs
  • Special Gibson Collectors Pick Tin
  • Made from Quality Celluloid
  • Wide variety of thin, medium and thick guitar picks available

Frequently Asked Questions about Gibson Guitar Picks / Plectrums

Question: Are Gibson plectrums any good?
Yes. Gibson Plectrums are very good. Gibson plectrums are made from quality celluloid and come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit different playing styles.
Question: Are there different types of Gibson plectrums?
Yes. Gibson plectrums come in a variety of different thicknesses, such as thin, medium and heavy which provide a different feel and sound.