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About Earthquaker Pedals

Earthquaker Devices are a boutique pedal brand from Akron, Ohio. Each pedal is hand built from high quality components. Earthquaker Devices pedals are popular with avant-garde and noise bands. This gives a good idea of the type of sounds you can expect from their pedals!

Earthquaker Devices offer around 40 different pedals, all with appealing custom graphics. Their designs range from straightforward to eccentric. Many of their pedals are innovative and unique. Guitarists, bassists and synth players are all served with this company. Players looking for pedals with character will succeed with Earthquaker Devices.

At guitarguitar, we have long been fans of Earthquaker. You will find their pedals in every one of our UK stores. Check out our entire selection online or contact your local store for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about Earthquaker Pedals

Question: Who uses Earthquaker Devices pedals?
They are used by the following artists: Mono, The Strokes, Boris, Chelsea Wolfe, The Mars Volta and Cocteau Twins.
Question: What does the Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter sound like?
The Data Corrupter is sonically similar to a fuzz mixed with some brutal synthesizer tones and extra octaves! It uses an oscillator to generate a 'corrupted' signal that can be manipulated in various ways to sound glitchy, robotic and full of texture.