Acoustic Guitar Starter Kits

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About Acoustic Guitar Starter Packs

Acoustic Guitar Starter Kits are the ideal solution for people who are looking to get into playing acoustic guitar. Our Starter Kits include everything a beginner needs to get started on their guitar playing journey.

With our variety of acoustic guitar packages, you can find a gig bag, guitar strap, spare strings and more, so you're guaranteed to find a guitar package with everything you need to start playing acoustic guitar

If you're looking for beginner guitars, we can help you get started on your journey with our great selection of acoustic guitars for beginners.

Why Should I Choose an Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit?

  • Our acoustic guitar packages are great value for money
  • All the accessories you need
  • Our acoustic guitar beginner kits include essential equipment

Frequently Asked Questions about Acoustic Guitar Starter Kits

Question: Which acoustic guitar starter pack is the most popular?
By quite some margin, the Yamaha F310 Pro Pack is the most popular in our acoustic guitar packages.
Question: What does a beginner guitarist need?
Beginner guitarists will benefit from a few key pieces of equipment. Acoustic guitar beginner kits usually include the guitar, stand, strap, a tuner and some plectrums.
Question: Is a cheap guitar good for a starter?
Yes. Using a cheaper instrument to learn the fundamentals is a good way to decide whether it is something you want to continue pursuing.