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About Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch guitars are some of the most iconic in electric guitar history. Gretsch's large hollow body instruments are known for their highly decorative look. They also boast a distinctive 'twangy' sound.

The story of Gretsch began with Friedrich Gretsch. A German immigrant to the USA, he set up business in Brooklyn, New York back in 1895. The company went on, under the guidance of Friedrich's son, to become the major guitar manufacturer that it is today.

Gretsch is best known for its hollow body electric guitar models including White Falcon and the Country Gentleman. They have long been seen as a luxury, top price brand. Though they continue to make high end guitars, recent years have seen more affordable ranges appear. The Electromatic and the Streamliner lines are much less expensive than the Professional series. They have become incredibly popular.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Guitars

There is a wide range of Gretsch models and they all display different elements of tone. But the one word that encapsulates Gretsch more than any other is 'twang'. Early rock 'n' roll stars perhaps helped associate Gretsch with this type of sound. Legends such as Duane Eddy sealed the deal with their melodic, super-twangy instrumentals. Gretsch guitars incorporate low to medium power pickups along with hollow and semi hollow guitar bodies. This is what produces that 'great Gretsch' sound! Gretsch guitars are popular in a wide range of musical genres from country to blues to rock 'n' roll. Gretsch players tend to prefer a little less gain on their sound. They also love lots of crunchy, scratchy rhythm playing.
At guitarguitar, it is the G5420T electromatic hollowbody in orange body.
AC/DC's Malcolm Young exclusively played Gretsch. The Cult's Billy Duffy, Rancid's Tim Armstrong and of course Jack White have also been fans. So yes, Gretsch guitars most definitely can be used in Heavy rock!
That would be none other than the Gretsch G6136T White Falcon. The White Falcon is actually a range of instruments. But all are similar in the sense that they are large, hollow and full of beautiful Gretsch features! Billy Duffy actually has his own signature White Falcon these days: the G7593T Billy Duffy Signature Falcon.
Gretsch's Professional Series guitars are made in Japan. The Electromatic Series is made in Korea (and occasionally China) and the Streamliners are built in Indonesia.
No. Fender distribute Gretsch and have a hand in development. However the company is actually owned by Fred W Gretsch. The company headquarters are in Savannah, Georgia.