Gretsch Pro Jet

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About Gretsch Pro Jet

The Gretsch Pro Jet is a solid body electric guitar and is Gretsches take on the iconic configuration of a solid body, 2 pickup, single cutaway design. This distinctive single cutaway model guitar is popular across multiple genres. It is loved by players looking for a classic electric guitar that is a little different to the more obvious classic models.

Offering iconic designs like all Gretsch guitars, the Pro Jet sports the classic features one expects of the design, rigged with Gretsch style mini humbuckers, often black top Filter'Tron pickups or Broad'Tron pickups. These pickups allow the vintage styled Gretsch Pro Jet to bridge the modern tonal divide that makes them just as popular with modern players.

Other distinct features include the 24.6" scale length for slinky, effortless fretting and chording across the length of the neck, and classic Gretsch style features like anchored adjusto-matic bridges and Bigsby Vibrato tailpieces.

The Pro Jet is available in many different Gretsch ranges from the Electromatic to the Professional. Several artist models exist too, as do vintage reissues. The Pro Jet is most often seen in Black but other great colours include the Silver Jet and the Sparkle Jet. The Sparkle Jet is available from time to time in wonderfully loud sparkly finishes like Gold, Ocean Turquoise and Champagne.

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Why Should I Choose a Gretsch Pro Jet Guitar?

  • An iconic model used by many influential artists
  • Stunning take on a classic guitar design
  • Excellent tone and sustain from the solid mahogany body
  • Available across a number of ranges
  • Can do anything from country to pop and rock
  • Gorgeous Gretsch style and appointments

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Pro Jet

Question: Does the Gretsch G5022CE have a solid top?
Yes. The Gretsch G5022CE has a solid Spruce top alongside laminated Flame Maple for the back and sides.
Question: Is the Rancher acoustic a new model or a reissue?
The Gretsch rancher guitars are a bit of both, really. They are based on the Ranchers of the 1950s and include distinctive features such as a triangular soundhole and sweeping pickguard shape. These Ranchers have modern updates, too. These include Fishman pickups and a revised shape that includes a Venetian-style cutaway.
Question: What Gretsch acoustic guitar has the whammy bar?
That would be the Gretsch Rancher G5034TFT, which is fitted with a genuine licensed Bigsby tremolo! It is very unusual to see such a feature on an acoustic guitar. However we can report that it functions perfectly well and is actually rather interesting to both play and hear. This guitar is also fitted with a Gretsch FideliTron pickup, exactly the same type of pickup found on many of their electric guitars.
Question: What is the Gretsch Pro Jet series?
The Gretsch Pro Jet series is Gretsches take on the classic solid body, single-cutaway design, loaded with a pair of mini humbuckers. Available right across Gretsch's ranges, from Electromatic to Professional, the Pro Jet offers players in any price range a feature laden take on a classic electric guitar format.
Question: Who plays a Gretsch Pro Jet guitar?
The Gretsch Pro Jet regularly finds a home in the hands of players who need the power and sustain of the classic 2 pickup, solid body guitar design, while still packaged in that iconic Gretsch style and retro flair.