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About Rickenbacker Guitars

Rickenbacker guitars have provided the 'jangle' in popular Rock music for over 50 years now. These classic guitars, built in Santa Ana, California, have kept their original shapes and styles. Rickenbacker also make their own pickups. They ignore trends in technology, making sure these hand made guitars are as good as the classics from the 60s.

Considering how distinct they are sonically and physically, it is interesting to note how many players from different genres love 'Rickies'. From punk to jangly pop to stadium rock, there is a diverse list of artists using Rickenbackers to this very day.

Many of the more famous Rickenbacker models are semi-hollow and have a very distinct 'jangle' quality to their sound. It is fair to say that Rickenbackers are the definitive guitars for this type of sound. Their electric 12 string guitars more than solidify this point.

Whichever Rickenbacker model you prefer, you'll love our selection at guitarguitar. As one of the UK's major authorised Rickenbacker dealers, we have access to the best models and limited editions that are released. Rickenbacker make small quantities of guitars. Please contact your local guitarguitar store for current info on available stock. Our entire selection is also available to browse online.

What Makes Rickenbacker Guitars Different?

  • One of the oldest electric guitar brands in the world, founded in 1931
  • Known for their eccentric designs, most of which have remained unchanged for 50 years or more
  • All guitars are made in the USA
  • Have been played by artists including George Harrison, John Lennon, Johnny Ramone and Jeff Buckley
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker Guitars

    The most popular Rickenbacker guitar for us is the 330 in Fireglo.
    Rickenbackers are more versatile than some players expect. Their sound is chiming yet strong and will fit into most musical settings that don't require immense levels of metal-like distortion. Rickenbackers tend to have slim and narrow necks. This is either great or a problem, depending on what you're looking to do. Sonically, guitars are both very distinctive and very versatile.
    Several Rickenbacker guitars have solid bodies rather than semi-hollow construction. The 325/350 guitar (John Lennon style) is an obvious one but the 600 series guitars - the 620, 650 and 660 - all have solid bodies too, as do their 12 string variants.
    Yes. All Rickenbacker guitars have a regular Mono output and a 'Rick-o-sound' output that sends separate signals out for each pickup. A stereo Y-cable is required for this to work properly.