Rickenbacker 330

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About Rickenbacker 330

The Rickenbacker 330 is an instantly recognisable vintage classic. A Semi Acoustic Guitar with a distinctive and bright sound, the Rickenbacker 330 has been favoured by strummers across the globe for it's incredible versatility and wide applications. Coming in standard 6-string or 12-strings, the Rickenbacker 330 is a timeless guitar with a great sound and an incredible legacy. Our Rickenbacker 330 come included with a guitar hard case.

Why Should I Choose Rickenbacker 330?

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker 330

Question: Is Rickenbacker a good guitar brand?
Yes. Rickenbacker have been making legendary, and well-respected guitars for over 90 years, they are very high quality and have been the guitar of choice for numerous famous musicians.
Question: Which artists play the Rickenbacker 330?
The Rickenbacker 330 is famous for being played by iconic musician Paul Weller in the late 70's and early 80's. Other players include Brix Smith, Johnny Marr and Wendy Melvoin.
Question: What's the difference between Rickenbacker 330 and 360?
The Rickenbacker 330 has some key differences from the 360. The Rickenbacker 330 has neck binding, and the 360 does not, the 330 has triangular fret markers as opposed to the dots of the 360. The 360's output type is Mono, whereas the Rickenbacker 330 is both mono and stereo, and finally the overall length of the guitars is 1/4 of an inch of difference.