Rickenbacker 330

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About Rickenbacker 330

The Rickenbacker 330 is a semi acoustic guitar. Rickenbacker is a heritage American guitar manufacturer who are famed for their traditional builds and iconic models. The 330 is one of their most recognizable styles.

This guitar has a unique body shape with exaggerated horns and a 'slash' f-hole. Rickenbacker are well known for these identifying details, which play a large part in the style of the brand.

The Rickenbacker 330 is equally famous for its sound. It embodies the classic 'jangly' Rickenbacker tone, used to great effect by artists form the Byrds and the Beatles though to R.E.M. and The Smiths.

The Ricky 330 is one of the all-time classic guitar designs and has earned its place in history. At guitarguitar, we are proud to be long-serving authorised Rickenbacker dealer. Every guitarguitar store has an excellent selection of these fine guitars, ready for you to try out any time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rickenbacker 330

Question: What finishes is the Rickenbacker 330 available in?
The finishes that Rickenbacker use vary from time to time. Having said that, there are certain colours that are available more or less all the time. These are: Fireglo (Sunburst), Jetglo (Black), Mapleglo (Natural) and Midnight Blue (this time, it's just as it says!).
Question: Is there also a Ricky 330 with three pickups?
Rickenbacker do occasionally make this model! It is known as the Rickenbacker 340.
Question: Is there a 12 string version of the Rickenbacker 330?
There is! It is perhaps one of the most famous electric 12 string guitars ever! It's called the Rickenbacker 330/12.
Question: Is the Rickenbacker 330 good for playing lead guitar?
We'd say that it's fine to play lead parts on a Ricky 330. However it is known to have a narrower neck and slightly more tension in the overall feel. This makes it particularly great for arpeggios and chordal strums. Having said that, you can play anything on anything! Break some rules and have fun!