Gretsch Bass Guitars

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Gretsch Bass Guitars

Gretsch bass guitars feature unique styling and are effortlessly cool. This great range of models is a breath of fresh air. Gretsch look to their own designs - particularly their Jet series - to build a range of basses that are full of vintage vibe and modern performance.

Both short and long scale models are available, as are artist signature models from legends including Duane Eddy. Gretsch basses, like the guitars, have a relatively flat fingerboard radius. This makes playing easy and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gretsch Bass Guitars

Question: I want a bass with all of the classic Gretsch features - inlays, F-holes, a tailpiece and the rest. What is out there for me?
Gretsch have plenty to suit you but for a starting point, why not try the G5440LSB? It has everything you want and is also available in the classic shade of orange that is unique to Gretsch!
Question: What scale length are the short scale models?
The short scale Gretsch basses have a scale length of 30.3".