PA Speakers

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About PA Speakers

PA Speakers are a fundamental part of any venue or rehearsal space and offer high volume yet high quality sound reinforcement.

Most current speakers are Active, meaning they have an amplifier built into the case of the speaker and can be used as either a conventional speaker or as a floor monitor. Many PA speakers now also offer different EQ modes for different uses. This makes them extremely versatile for DJs, musicians, schools and sporting venues.

guitarguitar also offer a select range of passive speakers, which will need to be powered by an amplifier.

Frequently Asked Questions about PA Speakers

Absolutely. Most PA speakers are now angled on the back, allowing them to be placed on the floor and directed towards performers. Not only that, but many feature a 'monitor' setting, which cuts the frequencies most prone to feedback.
Active speakers work best with balanced connections. XLR offers excellent balanced transfer of sound and their locking mechanism makes them an ideal choice for wiring your speaker system.