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About JBL PA Speakers

JBL PA Speakers are loved for their premium sound quality and innovative DSP technology that allows them to be seamlessly integrated into different types of sound systems. From mobile PA systems for function bands to fixed installations in music venues and theatres, JBL PA speakers offer great sound and reliability for everyday use.

Here at guitarguitar we also stock a great range of JBL pairing speakers that allow for easy wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth, which is ideal for fitness and school applications. Not just suitable for use as part of a full PA, our JBL single speakers also feature built-in mixers, allowing for stand-alone operation. So you to connect up to a pair of microphones or instruments for performing over your Bluetooth audio, or if you're a performer that uses an acoustic guitar and a mic, you can wirelessly stream background music between sets. Finally, adding a JBL subwoofer into your system will take it from being suitable for smaller venues for amplifying vocals into being suitable for larger venues covering full-band mixes and bass-heavy dance music.

Why Should I Choose a JBL PA Speaker?

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Innovating DSP technology
  • Can be suspended for fixed installations

Frequently Asked Questions about JBL PA Speakers

Question: Where are JBL PA speakers made?
JBL Speakers are manufactured in China to very high standards.
Question: Are JBL PA speakers good quality?
Yes, their premium sound and build quality is why they're commonly used for fixed PA and Cinema sound system installations.
Question: Which is the best JBL PA speaker?
The JBL EON 715 has the widest frequency response, making it the best full-range speaker in its range.
Question: Are JBL PA speakers active or passive?
JBL make both active and passive PA speakers. Our selection of JBL PA speakers are mostly active speakers, meaning you don't need a separate amplifier to power them.