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About Schaller Guitar Accessories

Schaller Guitar Accessories give you some of the finest after market parts for upgrading the essential components of your guitar. Beginning in Nuremberg, Germany in 1945, Schaller have been one of the original innovators of parts, components and accessories for musical instruments. Nowadays, the Schaller name and 'Made In Germany' are seen as signs of true high quality, and their range of machine heads, strap locks, Schaller tuners and other Schaller guitar parts are seen are some of the finest on the market. Indeed, many of the world's top guitar builders include Schaller parts and components either as standard, or as upgrades for premium models.

Why Should I Choose Schaller Guitar Accessories?

  • Some of the highest quality guitar parts available
  • Used by many builders as standard or upgraded parts
  • Stunningly high quality
  • Hugely reliable

Frequently Asked Questions about Schaller Accessories

Question: Are Schaller accessories any good?
Yes, Schaller make some of the highest quality accessories and aftermarket parts and components available. In fact, Schaller parts are so high quality that many guitar builders use them as either standard parts or upgrades on premium models.
Question: Where are Schaller accessories made?
Schaller accessories and parts are manufactured at Schaller's factory in Postbauer-Heng, Germany.
Question: What accessories do Schaller produce?
Schaller produce a wide range of accessories and after market parts for guitars, including tuners, bridges, tremolo units and strap locks among others.