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About Epiphone Bass Guitars

Epiphone bass guitars are a great value range of instruments. The collection mixes up original designs with time honoured versions of Gibson basses like the Thunderbird and the EB0. From classic to modern, guitarguitar keeps a large range of Epiphone basses in stock at all times. If you are in the market for a bass guitar, come to the place with the biggest selection and friendliest service: guitarguitar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Epiphone Bass Guitars

Question: Do Epiphone make a short-scale bass?
They do! The Epiphone EB0 is a stylish short scale bass. The EB0 has a scale length of 30.5", significantly shorter than the standard 34". It is therefore suitable for younger and smaller players as well as guitarists moving over to bass who find the size difference to be a problem.
Question: The Toby Deluxe IV bass has 'active tone controls'. What does that mean?
Instruments with active tone controls have a powerful circuit within them. This circuit requires power from a 9V PP3 battery in order to function. The Epiphone Toby Deluxe IV is one of these instruments. There is normally a compartment built into the back of the instrument to facilitate this. What you get is a set of 'active' tone controls which can cut and boost frequencies with far more power and precision than normal passive controls. These are very useful features to have in order to dial in the exact tone you want. The power to this circuit is switched on automatically when you insert your input jack lead. Remember to pull out your cable when you finish playing or you'll run down your batteries very quickly!
Question: What is that 3 position switch on the Epiphone Jack Casady bass for?
The switch on the Epiphone Jack Casady bass is a VariGain switch. This three position switch allows you to alter the sound and output levels according to intended use. The three settings refer to ohmage. The '50' setting is perfect for a balanced DI sound. The '250' setting is great for fattening up the sound for hot blues and rock sounds and the '150' setting lies somewhere between the two. It is a passive switch, requiring no batteries to power it.